/* * Copyright (C) 2012 PrimeBox (info@primebox.co.uk) * * This work is licensed under the Creative Commons * Attribution 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy * of this license, visit * http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/. * * Documentation available at: * http://www.primebox.co.uk/projects/cookie-bar/ * * When using this software you use it at your own risk. We hold * no responsibility for any damage caused by using this plugin * or the documentation provided. */ (function($){ $.cookieBar = function(options,val){ if(options=='cookies'){ var doReturn = 'cookies'; }else if(options=='set'){ var doReturn = 'set'; }else{ var doReturn = false; } var defaults = { message: 'Wij maken gebruik van cookies, onder andere om de website te analyseren, het gebruiksgemak te vergroten en advertenties te tonen.
U geeft door gebruik te blijven maken van deze website, of door op \'ga verder\' te klikken, toestemming voor het gebruik van cookies.
Wilt u meer informatie over cookies en hoe ze worden gebruikt, bekijk dan ons cookiebeleid.
', //Message displayed on bar acceptButton: true, //Set to true to show accept/enable button acceptText: 'Ga verder', //Text on accept/enable button declineButton: false, //Set to true to show decline/disable button declineText: 'Disable Cookies', //Text on decline/disable button policyButton: false, //Set to true to show Privacy Policy button policyText: 'Privacy Policy', //Text on Privacy Policy button policyURL: '/privacy-policy/', //URL of Privacy Policy autoEnable: true, //Set to true for cookies to be accepted automatically. Banner still shows acceptOnContinue: false, //Set to true to silently accept cookies when visitor moves to another page expireDays: 365, //Number of days for cookieBar cookie to be stored for forceShow: false, //Force cookieBar to show regardless of user cookie preference effect: 'slide', //Options: slide, fade, hide element: 'body', //Element to append/prepend cookieBar to. Remember "." for class or "#" for id. append: false, //Set to true for cookieBar HTML to be placed at base of website. Actual position may change according to CSS fixed: false, //Set to true to add the class "fixed" to the cookie bar. Default CSS should fix the position bottom: false, //Force CSS when fixed, so bar appears at bottom of website zindex: '', //Can be set in CSS, although some may prefer to set here redirect: String(window.location.href), //Current location domain: String(window.location.hostname), //Location of privacy policy referrer: String(document.referrer) //Where visitor has come from }; var options = $.extend(defaults,options); //Sets expiration date for cookie var expireDate = new Date(); expireDate.setTime(expireDate.getTime()+(options.expireDays*24*60*60*1000)); expireDate = expireDate.toGMTString(); var cookieEntry = 'cb-enabled={value}; expires='+expireDate+'; path=/'; //Retrieves current cookie preference var i,cookieValue='',aCookie,aCookies=document.cookie.split('; '); for (i=0;i=0 && String(window.location.href).indexOf(options.policyURL)==-1 && doReturn!='cookies' && doReturn!='set' && cookieValue!='accepted' && cookieValue!='declined'){ doReturn = 'set'; val = 'accepted'; } } if(doReturn=='cookies'){ //Returns true if cookies are enabled, false otherwise if(cookieValue=='enabled' || cookieValue=='accepted'){ return true; }else{ return false; } }else if(doReturn=='set' && (val=='accepted' || val=='declined')){ //Sets value of cookie to 'accepted' or 'declined' document.cookie = cookieEntry.replace('{value}',val); if(val=='accepted'){ return true; }else{ return false; } }else{ //Sets up enable/accept button if required var message = options.message.replace('{policy_url}',options.policyURL); if(options.acceptButton){ var acceptButton = ''+options.acceptText+''; }else{ var acceptButton = ''; } //Sets up disable/decline button if required if(options.declineButton){ var declineButton = ''+options.declineText+''; }else{ var declineButton = ''; } //Sets up privacy policy button if required if(options.policyButton){ var policyButton = ''+options.policyText+''; }else{ var policyButton = ''; } //Whether to add "fixed" class to cookie bar if(options.fixed){ if(options.bottom){ var fixed = ' class="fixed bottom"'; }else{ var fixed = ' class="fixed"'; } }else{ var fixed = ''; } if(options.zindex!=''){ var zindex = ' style="z-index:'+options.zindex+';"'; }else{ var zindex = ''; } //Displays the cookie bar if arguments met if(options.forceShow || cookieValue=='enabled' || cookieValue==''){ if(options.append){ $(options.element).append(''); }else{ $(options.element).prepend(''); } } //Sets the cookie preference to accepted if enable/accept button pressed $('#cookie-bar .cb-enable').click(function(){ document.cookie = cookieEntry.replace('{value}','accepted'); if(cookieValue!='enabled' && cookieValue!='accepted'){ window.location = options.currentLocation; }else{ if(options.effect=='slide'){ $('#cookie-bar').slideUp(300,function(){$('#cookie-bar').remove();}); }else if(options.effect=='fade'){ $('#cookie-bar').fadeOut(300,function(){$('#cookie-bar').remove();}); }else{ $('#cookie-bar').hide(0,function(){$('#cookie-bar').remove();}); } return false; } }); //Sets the cookie preference to declined if disable/decline button pressed $('#cookie-bar .cb-disable').click(function(){ var deleteDate = new Date(); deleteDate.setTime(deleteDate.getTime()-(864000000)); deleteDate = deleteDate.toGMTString(); aCookies=document.cookie.split('; '); for (i=0;i=0){ document.cookie = aCookie[0]+'=0; expires='+deleteDate+'; domain='+options.domain.replace('www','')+'; path=/'; }else{ document.cookie = aCookie[0]+'=0; expires='+deleteDate+'; path=/'; } } document.cookie = cookieEntry.replace('{value}','declined'); if(cookieValue=='enabled' && cookieValue!='accepted'){ window.location = options.currentLocation; }else{ if(options.effect=='slide'){ $('#cookie-bar').slideUp(300,function(){$('#cookie-bar').remove();}); }else if(options.effect=='fade'){ $('#cookie-bar').fadeOut(300,function(){$('#cookie-bar').remove();}); }else{ $('#cookie-bar').hide(0,function(){$('#cookie-bar').remove();}); } return false; } }); } }; })(jQuery);